About Stacey Rumley

Vice President of Human Resources

Meet Stacey Rumley a trusted advisor and a seasoned Professional in Human Resources, displaying a remarkable track record spanning over two decades in national and global enterprises. Known for her profound grasp of business intricacies, adept relationship-building skills, active listening, empathy, and utilization of data-driven insights to innovate solutions for critical people-related matters.

Fueled by an unwavering dedication to perpetual learning and the holistic well-being of individuals, she takes immense pride in curating the ultimate employee experience. Holding the role of Vice President of Human Resources, Stacey brings a combination of flexibility, innovation, and passion as she continues to fortify our culture centered around people, propelling our educational initiatives, honing leadership capacities, refining recruitment strategies, and notably, enhancing the holistic employee journey.

Stacey garners accolades for her contagious commitment to excellence, unyielding commitment to nurturing a thriving culture and an unwavering focus on the bottom-line working complex people and organizational issues and developing people strategies to solve them.

Stacey Rumley