Elevate the management of your trailer fleet with TrailerCare by Trailcon

Whether you own or lease your trailers, prioritizing maintenance is paramount in fleet management – and it can also be one of the most demanding aspects. Breakdowns are inevitable, maintenance expenses are on the rise, and downtime can significantly disrupt your operations. Transform maintenance into a strategic advantage with TrailerCare, offering flexible solutions tailored to your fleet needs.

Choose the plan that aligns best with your needs, secure in the knowledge that, regardless of your decision, you’ll enjoy faster repair turnarounds, enhanced communication, and transparent billing processes.

TrailerCare by Trailcon

TrailerCare Maintenance Solutions

TrailerCare Full-Service Maintenance

An all-inclusive maintenance package that provides comprehensive coverage for all your service and repair requirements

TrailerCare Preventive Maintenance

Delivers routine preventative maintenance to maintain the efficiency of your trailer fleet, detect and address problems proactively to prevent breakdowns.

TrailerCare Basic Maintenance

Experience unparalleled flexibility in trailer fleet maintenance. Customize your contract and pay only for the services you require, precisely when you need them.

Maintenance How & Where you Need It

We offer our TrailerCare solutions in three flexible formats, allowing you to choose what best suits your business needs:

  1. Trailcon Shop Services: Known as the industry’s finest in maintenance, Trailcon is equipped with world-class technology, diagnostic tools, and repair equipment at our shops
  2. On-site Services: If you lack the time or resources to operate your own maintenance facilities, our trained professionals can assist in establishing a cutting-edge shop at your location or take charge of managing your existing yard
  3. Over the Road Mobile Maintenance: When visiting us isn’t feasible, a certified Trailcon trailer technician arrives at your location in a fully equipped, customized maintenance truck to keep your fleet on the road.

Additional Advantages of TrailerCare

  • Tire Service with Michelin: The Michelin partnership revolutionizes tire solutions at Trailcon. This alliance enables us to provide unparalleled services directly to our customers’ yards, including roadside assistance. In addition to exceptional support, clients receive insightful reports for potential cost savings.
  • Purchasing Power: Our purchasing power allows us to utilize OEM Quality parts while keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum.
  • Parts Containers: Parts containers have been strategically placed across yards, nationally, allowing our technicians to access everything they require on-site, ensuring faster repairs and efficient service for your needs.

Choose TrailerCare Maintenance from Trailcon and enjoy a streamlined, cost-effective, and efficient maintenance experience for your fleet.

Struggling to keep up with the maintenance demands of your trailer fleet?
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