About Giovani Cani

Vice President, IT Services

Meet Giovani Cani, who brings an extensive background as a seasoned IT professional, accumulating more than twenty years of experience across the entire spectrum of IT. His notable track record shines through his delivery of digital solutions that finely optimize processes and seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving business landscapes. His reputation is built upon his systematic and dependable approach, consistently producing outcomes while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Giovani’s journey with Trailcon Leasing began in 2003, and he steadily advanced to the role of Senior Project Manager by 2014. Later, in 2018, he assumed the position of Head of Information Technology. Currently, his role as Vice President of IT Services has been pivotal in shaping the organization’s technological landscape. His contributions encompass the development and deployment of various systems, including a custom Cloud-Based Fleet Management ERP System that serves a round-the-clock user base of over 500 individuals. Additionally, he played a key role in establishing Yard Management & Shunting Automation systems.

Giovani stands as the go-to authority for all matters related to technology within the organization. Functioning as a crucial bridge between technical teams and non-technical stakeholders, he excels in simplifying intricate technical concepts. His collaboration with heads of other departments is of paramount importance, as he adeptly translates the complexity of technology into clear terms, ensuring alignment with departmental needs while maintaining a steadfast focus on achieving tangible returns on investment.

Giovani Cani