Case Study: Trailcon Transforms Fleet Management for GS Group

Posted on July 5, 2024

Company Background

GS Group is a leading provider of dedicated transportation services to the grocery and dairy industries in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Kingston, Ottawa, and the Greater Montreal Area (GMA).

With a focus on reliability and efficiency, GS Group operates in a dynamic market where timely delivery and fleet performance are critical for customer satisfaction.

GS Group

Challenges Faced

Before partnering with Trailcon, GS Group encountered several challenges in managing its transportation fleet:

1) Aging Equipment

The company grappled with the maintenance and performance issues of an aging fleet.

2) Investment Dilemma

Balancing the need for investing in the growth of the core business with the expense of purchasing new trailers posed a significant challenge.

3) Maintenance Challenges

Ongoing maintenance was a constant struggle, impacting fleet uptime and operational efficiency.

Objectives Achieved With Trailcon

By collaborating with Trailcon, GS Group achieved several objectives:

1) Improved Fleet Performance

Trailcon’s expertise and services helped GS Group optimize its fleet performance, despite the challenges posed by aging equipment.

2) Cost Control

Rather than investing in new trailers, GS Group found a more cost-effective solution through Trailcon’s fleet management services.

3) Streamlined Maintenance

Trailcon’s proactive approach to maintenance addressed GS Group’s ongoing maintenance challenges, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Challenges Overcome

Handling Seasonal Volume Fluctuations

Trailcon provided GS Group with the fl exibility to fleet up during peak seasons, ensuring that the company could meet increased demand without overcommitting resources. Additionally, GS Group capitalized on Trailcon’s initiative to purchase their used trailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, further enhancing its fl eet management strategy.

Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities

With increased dedicated transportation opportunities in the industry, GS Group recognized the need to fl eet up effi ciently to capitalize on growth. Trailcon’s services not only provided the necessary resources but also offered cost control measures and assistance in identifying root issues to support GS Group’s expansion initiatives.

Real-Life Improvement

Since partnering with Trailcon, GS Group has experienced tangible improvements in its trailer fl eet and overall business operations. By outsourcing repairs to Trailcon, GS Group reduced costs associated with safety inspections and preventive maintenance by an estimated 10%, streamlining operations and enhancing profi tability.

Quantifiable Success Metrics

Improved PM Schedules
Resulted in decreased roadside support requirements and enhanced fl eet reliability.

Cost Savings
Significant reduction in overall expenses linked to preventive maintenance and safety inspections, resulting in a 10% decrease.

In Conclusion

Trailcon’s innovative approach to fleet management has not only addressed the challenges faced by GS Group but has also positioned the company for sustainable growth in a competitive industry landscape.

Learn more about how your company can achieve results too, by working with Trailcon for all your trailer needs.

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