Elevate Truck & Trailer Security with Trailcon: Your Trusted Choice for Safe & Secured Parking

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable tractors & trailers, compromise is not an option. At Trailcon, we go above and beyond to ensure your assets are not only safe and sound but also exceptionally secured.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of choosing Trailcon for Truck & Trailer parking needs.

Unmatched Security Features for Ultimate Peace of Mind

Trailcon’s commitment to security is unwavering. Our fully gated and secured yards are fortified with advanced features designed to keep your truck & trailer protected including:

Flexible Options
Take advantage or our short term, long term and daily rates.

Convenient Cornwall Location
Strategically located along the 401/20 corridor between Toronto and Montreal, our Cornwall parking facility is ideal for fleets that cover Central Canada routes.

Monitored Video Surveillance
Enjoy round-the-clock surveillance with comprehensive yard coverage, ensuring constant watch over your assets.

Permanent Fencing with Barbed Wire
Our yards are encircled by permanent fencing topped with barbed wire, providing an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access.

Electric/Powered Swing Gates
Experience the convenience of electric-powered swing gates equipped with two-way communication, ensuring controlled entry and exit.

Completely Lit Yard
Enhanced visibility is paramount. Our fully lit yard guarantees improved surveillance and added security during all hours.

Crushed & Compacted Aggregate Base
The foundation matters. Our yards feature a crushed and compacted aggregate base, enhancing stability and security.

Ready to elevate your tractor trailer security?

Choose Trailcon and experience a new era of trailer security and convenience. Trust us to keep your trailers safe, sound, and secured. Your assets deserve nothing less.

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