Trailcon Proudly Offers the Most Adaptable Leasing Options in the Industry

Your fleet’s success is our top priority at Trailcon. Trailer leasing isn’t just a service – it’s a reinvention. Where efficiency meets excellence. When seeking a partner for your transportation requirements, there’s a clear reason why Trailcon surpasses the competition.


Trailcon offers unmatched flexibility. You have the option to choose the term that best fits your requirements, personalize your lease with your preferred maintenance level and delivery method, opt for the trailer type of your choice, and explore various financing options.

Your fleet possesses its own distinctiveness, and your leasing solution should reflect that. At Trailcon, we provide tailored solutions that harmonize with your business objectives.

Flexible Leasing Choices

Full-Service Lease

Experience complete support from committed experts who prioritize your business first. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the trailer type that aligns with your requirements, alongside included maintenance, adaptable lease terms, and advantageous supplementary offerings like preferred rental rates, as well as registration and licensing assistance.

Net Lease

You determine the duration, we procure and lease the trailer to you. It’s as simple as that. If necessary, maintenance options are accessible through our adaptable TrailerCare program.


Trailcon can work with you to purchase your fleet and subsequently lease it back to you, providing a valuable financial solution and freeing up much needed business capital.


Trailcon offers a flexible solution to help you revitalize and expand your fleet. We can even purchase your older trailers and replace them with brand-new leased units.

Best-in-Class Maintenance Anytime, Anywhere

We deliver maintenance on your terms and schedule. Through our TrailerCare Services, you have the flexibility to decide whether you prefer maintenance at a Trailcon facility, on-site, or at a mobile location. Whichever option you choose, you’ll experience prompt repair turnaround times, exceptional communication, and detailed invoicing.

Trailcon Stands Ready Around the Clock

Travel with confidence with Trailcon. Our dedication to your success extends beyond the leasing agreement.

Trailcon boasts the industry’s pioneering in-house team of Client Success Specialists, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to optimize your fleet’s operational hours and assist you during unforeseen breakdowns.

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Total Cost of Ownership
Lease vs Own?

To truly comprehend your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) it’s essential to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all expenses and advantages linked to owning a fleet.

While knowing the initial trailer price is important, the real cost of acquiring an asset extends well beyond the price tag: you must consider the investment, capital expenses, and depreciation.

Uncovering all direct and indirect costs is critical to accurately determine the true costs of fleet ownership. Often, concealed expenses like the following are overlooked, but they accumulate over time.

  • Escalating labour and parts costs
  • Disposal and salvage fees
  • Administrative overhead
  • Escalating costs as your fleet ages
  • Roadside assistance
  • Expenses related to breakdowns
  • Training costs

Total Cost of Ownership

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By conducting a TCO analysis, you have the potential to realize significant cost savings.

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