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Transportation equipment and trailer leasing backed by Trailcon maintenance and service.

Trailcon's flexible, reliable leasing programs for trailers and other specialized transportation equipment will help you operate your business more profitably. Our customers have access to our top experts and benefit from our guaranteed preventive maintenance and emergency 24/7 service capabilities nationwide.

Available Equipment

Lease almost any type of transportation equipment including trailers, dry vans, refrigerated and heated trailers, chassis and more. Contact us at our branches in Brampton, Cornwall, Edmonton and Calgary if you are ready to book or need a quote.

Rentals and Storage Explore

Trailcon's options for storage and trailer and equipment rental.

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Fleet Management

Get Canada's largest mobile repair fleet and our US partners on your team for 24/7 service anywhere in North America.

Reasons to Lease

  • Savings
    Lease payments are 100% tax-deductible and Trailcon handles preventative and emergency equipment maintenance.

  • Reliability
    We take care of the maintenance; all of our trailers and other equipment are given thorough, regular preventive maintenance checkups.

  • Improved Cash Flow
    No down payment means you can free up your capital to build your business.

  • Flexibility
    Change your equipment to meet your needs. We can renew your lease or upgrade equipment when you need it.

  • Fixed Payments
    We'll devise a payment schedule to match the life of the equipment. You can convert the plan to buy the equipment if you choose.

  • Cost Efficiency
    Get the equipment you need, when you need it.