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24/7 Customer Response Centre

Call Trailcon 24/7 at 1-855-ROAD-RPR (855-762-3777) for mobile trailer repair from anywhere in North America.

When your trailer is down, your business is down. Nobody understands this better than Trailcon. That's why we run an in-house 24/7 Customer Response Centre to respond to your calls for repairs and maintenance anywhere in North America.

Our Customer Response Centre is staffed around the clock every day of the year with fully trained Trailcon employees. Our calls are never outsourced to a third-party operator, so your driver doesn't have to wait for a call back while waiting on the side of a highway. Trailcon employees have full access to all copies of trailer ownerships, safety certificates and other vital trailer information including detailed equipment specifications.

When we get your call, we'll dispatch a licensed mobile repair technician to wherever you are in North America to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We run Canada's largest mobile repair fleet and have made arrangements with top-tier service companies in the United States to ensure full coverage for our clients anywhere in North America.

Trailcon interactive service keeps you in the loop

Trailcon can dispatch and track the progress of any service call with the click of a mouse.

Trailcon's state of the art software can find a breakdown location and dispatch the closest mobile technician or third party vendor within seconds. All the while keeping your business informed of the status of the repair.

From creation to completion, the call is yours to track. E-mail notification is provided to you at every stage of the call. With our web-based application, simply click the provided link and you are automatically connected to the service call. Interactive messaging allows you to communicate directly with our experienced staff.

We are equipped with the resources to allow us to track your call, the maintenance history on the specific unit, and ensure the technician who has been dispatched has all the information he requires to get your vehicle back on the road with minimal down time.

Want details of the call? Our system allows us to e-mail you a detailed report of the call, showing all communication between Trailcon, the technician and your business.

Call 1-855-ROAD-RPR (855-762-3777) for your next mobile repair and find out why Trailcon is the mobile repair fleet of choice for some of Canada's top companies.